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At Bodycraft Centre we offer all our customers a comprehensive range of services.

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Fleet Service

Bodycraft Centre are experts in a wide range of vehicle de-fleeting services. Our comprehensive end of lease service is fast, efficient and will save fleet operators a considerable amount of money in end of lease penalties.

Pre-disposal preparation will maximise your residual values by ensuring that your vehicles are cosmetically prepared and detailed for resale. 

Complete De-fleeting

De-fleet inspections and damage assessments

Full Bodyshop and SMART repair

Full Detailing & Valeting Services


Fleet Management Service


At Bodycraft Centre we know time is money for our fleets and business customers. This is why we have put together a Business Driver Service for the company car driver which will allow us to take the hassle of having an accident off your shoulders and onto ours. Let us do our job, so we can quickly get you back to yours. As vehicle down time could mean lost business, we will repair your vehicles efficiently and quickly.

We offer the following:

Minimal vehicle down time

Cost control

One point of contact

Mobile estimating

Cars and LCV repairs

In-car driver’s instructions

Collection and delivery

De-fleeting and end of vehicle life disposal services

Non-fault services which benefits your cash flow










We understand how stressful it is to be involved in a road traffic accident. All you want is to have your car repaired to the highest possible standard and be back on the road as quickly as possible. No matter how minor, accidents can be extremely traumatic. This is why we have a range of accident repair and vehicle care services designed to take the stress out of having an accident and get you back on the road.

  It's your choice where you have your vehicle repaired!


After an accident, most motorists believe they have to take their car to their insurer's approved repairer.


As you can imagine, this is for the convenience and commercial advantage of your insurer, not you.


It’s your insurance policy and the Office of Fair Trading says you can have your car repaired wherever



When you have your car repaired at Bodycraft Centre, you will receive the highest level
of professional care and we will handle your insurance*.


If you own your vehicle, then you choose where it is repaired. Once you have appointed us as your repairer, we are happy to do the rest. We will talk to your insurance company and arrange the details of your repair.


That means no second or third quotes, no problems and little delay. Once you confirm us as your repairer, and give us your insurance details, we will do the rest. Our experienced team of experts are ready to go into action as soon as we get the OK from you. So don’t add to the trauma of an accident by having to cope with insurance issues, talk to us first. Our priority is to get your vehicle repaired to the highest standards and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.


We will inform your insurers and take care of all paperwork
We will put you in one of our free courtesy cars
We will repair your vehicle to the highest safety standards
We will offer you workmanship, parts and paintwork guarantees
We will deliver your vehicle back to you in the shortest possible time
Bodycraft Centre will take away the stress and inconvenience of a road traffic accident!


Did you know, if the accident wasn’t your fault:


We will put you in a courtesy car
You might not have to pay your excess
We will recover any uninsured losses
We will recover any personal injury costs